A Love Letter to Lena Horne

Welcome to the website dedicated to my new recording project — A Love Letter to Lena Horne. I am lifted and profoundly grateful to our Lena Centennial Campaign contributors whose generosity successfully launched the project.
You can still be part of the experience! Join us now and you will receive the finished recording before the official release — plus wonderful thank you gifts, including private updates on our progress.

I understand that you have many choices about where you put your time and resources and I appreciate your consideration in joining me to bring this new music to you.

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My mission is to engage, uplift and build community through music, creating narrative that inspires beyond the stage.”

— Clairdee

About the New Album

A Love Letter to Lena Horne
Clairdee's fourth recording release as leader

Planned album release: 2nd Quarter 2017

The intrinsic value of music is its remarkable power for bringing people together. It preserves those things that help us experience our common humanity.

While this project pays homage to the groundbreaking singer, actress and activist Lena Horne on the occasion of her 100th birthday — it is also a tribute to my late mother who, like Horne, was elegant, outspoken and wise, and who courageously endured racial and social injustices. My mother's respect and admiration for Horne was a source of pride, dignity, and an example of excellence that she instilled in her children. I am continually inspired by the resilience demonstrated by my mother, Horne, and millions of women and men of their generation and I applaud and celebrate their quality of spirit everyday.

This project is a celebration! You'll hear my artistic expression of songs associated with Ms. Horne from Harlem to Hollywood and beyond.

I can hardly wait to share our thoughtful, lovingly crafted musical arrangements with you.

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To create what promises to be our best recording yet, my music director-arranger Ken French and I are collaborating with our friend and colleague, the Grammy® recognized producer Nick Phillips.

We also have a stellar line-up of musicians — some of whom worked with Ms. Horne!

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The new album will provide additional opportunities for my band and me to present this sensational new show and an educational program in venues and community organizations across the country. My 2017-18 touring concerts will focus prominently on supporting the new recording in celebration of Ms. Horne's centenary.

If your organization is interested in hosting A Love Letter to Lena Horne concert, please contact us.

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Previous events


Preview Concert: "A Love Letter to Lena Horne"

Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd Street, New York, NY


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Glenn Appell
Walter Bankovitch
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Claire DeLand
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Jimmy Jazz Hayes
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Yvette Johnson
Joyce Kwon
Mark Lemaire
Clif Payne
Al Prichard, Jr.
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Dr. Margie Baker
Billie and Charles Brinkley, Jr.
Carol Chavez
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Rosette Diaz
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Rick Gilbert
Tish Glover
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Jon Herbst and Karla Clement
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Wanda Waldera

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